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Friday, 3 June 2011

European Drag Racing at Santa Pod Raceway

I managed to get a day off jewellery making last weekend (the first day off since before Christmas!) and we spent the day at Santa Pod raceway in Northamptonshire to watch Drag Racing. Not that I am normally one for fast cars but there is something special about Santa Pod that makes me want to go back for more. It is probably because we get to experience things that are far from the norm; things that you just don’t get to see every day.

The last time we went to Santa Pod was five years ago when my wife was heavily pregnant with our son. We were certainly not prepared for the noise and I spent most of the day shielding my wife from the sound waves that are generated from some of the cars racing down the drag strip...I had never experienced anything like that before, it is far more than just noise and you can feel every organ in your body vibrating through the sheer speed of the cars. Reaching speeds of over 300mph and completing the quarter mile strip in less than six seconds, you certainly can’t blink; I wish I had a picture of my tortured face as the cars and bikes roared by!

This year since my son is five years old we could appreciate the whole experience a little more. Equipped with ear defenders we took in the sights and sounds of Santa Pod. The place has a lovely festival feel about it and there is so much more going on apart from the drag racing.

Titan the robot made a few appearances throughout the day, entertaining the crowds with his wit and humour.

Santa Pod - Titan The Robot

And there were the awesome Monster Trucks, crushing cars like they were paper bags.

Santa Pod - Monster Trucks

Through the extremely gusty winds the Black Knights parachute display team braved the weather and all made perfect landings next to the crowd.

Santa Pod - Black Knights Parachute Display Team

An unclaimed Ford Mondeo car that had been illegally parked at Santa Pod was rolled by multiple world record holder stunt man Terry Grant.

Santa Pod - Terry Grant Stunt

And finally the commentator makes a lucky escape by the impressive braking skills of former stunt riding world champion Zoltan Angyal.

Santa Pod - Zoltan Angyal Stunt

A great day was had by all at Santa Pod raceway and next time I visit I might just have a go myself; they have public days where you can take along your own car to race down the famous drag strip!



  1. OH is madly jealous, something he would have enjoyed too. Glad you found time for a break.


  2. Thanks Lynda, and I am sure he would. I am not normally one for motor racing (the kind that goes round and around and around and around) but drag racing is great...the race is over in less than 6 seconds!