Friday, 29 April 2011

Personalised Horse Hair Jewellery

I thought I would blog a little about my horse hair jewellery, mainly because I haven’t mentioned it for a while and I am currently making quite a lot of it! I really do love working with horse and pony hair, not only because of the great sentimental value for the owner but also because of the fantastic effects that can be achieved from it.

Would you believe that the horse hair pendants that have the criss-cross effect that I make take between five and seven days to complete. The pendant is built up in four layers and I individually place each hair in turn, creating a three-dimensional effect by having several strands of horse hair on each layer.

I have quite often been asked to make my resin horse hair jewellery a little bit more personalised for the horse and owner. This has sometimes been quite a challenge but very rewarding.

Sometimes I colour the horse hair pendant to represent the horses cross county colours or stable colours:

Coloured horse hair jewellery
I have also included other small items to the jewellery such as flowers or tiny confetti stars:

Horse hair jewellery with stars
On other occasions I have even included glitter and seed beads to give the horse hair jewellery a totally different look:

Personalised horsehair jewellery
Sometimes I am asked to include the horse’s name with the jewellery. This has previously been achieved by having a separate silver charm engraved with the name or even engraved onto my silver pendants themselves.

But a recent blog post about my Photo Jewellery gave me the idea of including the horse’s name within the pendant itself, and this has been quite popular. Obviously I am restricted to the number of characters I can have but so far I have been lucky! I use the silver or gold peel-offs to represent the name and it really does look lovely and three-dimensional suspended within the pendant.

Horse Hair Name Jewellery
So there is my latest array of horse hair jewellery, complete with colour, names and other items to make it a little bit more personalised to the horse and owner, I hope you like it!

If you would like to see more examples of my horse and pony jewellery please visit my horse hair jewellery website page.



  1. Mick, love your horse hair pendants, the detail and thought that you put in shines through so well.

  2. Thank you! I love making them and every one I make is so much fun!


  3. Wow, what fabulous effects there. Wish I knew someone with a horse!

    Well done Mick, they are amazing.