Wednesday, 6 April 2011

My new rainbow peelable window decoration

Last week I was extremely lucky to win a blog giveaway by Ali’s Craft Studio and I got to choose one of her wonderful handmade peelable window decorations, and it has just arrived!

Peelable Window DecorationAlthough I was spoilt for choice when looking around her website, the window decoration that really did beckon me was her ‘rainbow and cloud’ decoration. It is lovely and bright and happy; I have always had a big thing about rainbows and have many dotted around house in various places. Recently I spent some time looking through my old primary school pictures to find the majority of them I had drawn a rainbow!

So the question is where do I put my new rainbow?

Do I put it in the rather dull bathroom to brighten up the tiles?

... or do I put it onto the mirrored wardrobe doors in the bedroom? (hehe just noticed teddy has his head in the clouds).

... I think for now I will put it on our front room window so that every time I look out I can see a rainbow in the sky.

The beauty about Ali’s peelable window decorations is that they are moveable, so whenever I want a change I can do just that. Having said that I might just go and purchase a few more so that I can have rainbows all over the house and car!

Please go and have a look at the handmade peelable window decorations made by Ali on her website.


  1. So pleased that you like your rainbow.

    Thank you for your kind comments Mick - I love the photos of your rainbow in various positions around the house, especially Teddy with his head in the clouds!

    Ali x
    Ali's Craft Studio

  2. Thanks Ali, the rainbow looks great in the chuffed that I won it!!


  3. definately you have put it in the right place!
    Looks great!

  4. Very nice Mick, love the position photo's and Teddy:)
    Nice final choice too.


  5. Thanks Lynda, it really is nice having a rainbow on the window...I think everyone should have one ;)