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Wednesday 15 September 2010

A Pet's Name Necklace

I don't feel like I have blogged for a while so though I would show off one of the latest custom jewellery commissions that I was recently asked to make. This was for one of my name on rice necklaces but this time it was for a pet dog's name to be written on a grain of rice along with a image of a paw print.

Now, this took quite a few grains of rice to get the paw print right, it was a little like the difficulty I had drawing hearts; on paper fine but when you are trying to draw on a grain of rice less than one millimetre wide and not perfectly flat it is a different matter. I think I did a good job and I do like challenges but more importantly the necklaces new owner loved it.

Pets Name Necklace - Rice Jewellery
Pets Name Necklace - Rice Jewellery

I have had several requests for my name on rice jewellery over the last few weeks and they are all very different. But I really enjoyed doing this one because it was for a lady who had recently lost her lovely pet dog. She had been searching for something on the internet that she could remember him by and came across my name on rice jewellery.

Please visit my Name Jewellery page for more examples of my name on rice jewellery.

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  1. What a lovely idea. Not to mention expertly done Mick, no wonder we havent seen much of you, sure your eyes need a rest.



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