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Thursday 15 November 2012

Unusual Mobile Phone Gifts

I had an unusual request this last week from a lady who wanted a mobile phone themed Christmas gift making. Initially she wanted a mobile phone top-up card to be encased within a paperweight however the top-up card would not fit any of my designs. She then suggested having a mobile phone SIM card to be incorporated within the paperweight and here it is:

Mobile Phone SIM card in a paperweight
Mobile Phone SIM card in a paperweight

As well as the mobile phone SIM card she also wanted a message within the paperweight. You may remember a few weeks ago that I developed a technique of using transparencies within my jewellery and paperweights to form personalised messages. Well these are proving to be a convenient way of incorporating messages and I have used them on several occasions since.

On this occasion the lady wanted the message ‘Break glass in an emergency!’ within the paperweight. Now this has given me a great idea; it would be great to make a paperweight with a cigarette inside, and to add a similar message as a gift to somebody who is giving up smoking. How frustrating that would be since you would never get it out!



  1. love the sim card design, not sure about the cigarette though.. when I gave up 7 months ago there were days when I'm sure I 'could' have got it out:) or died trying,...

    1. Yes I think I agree! How about encasing the last cigarette smoked within a paperweight to mark the achievement. Maybe also including the date they started to give up smoking.


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