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Monday 19 August 2013

A seed pendant or is it a nut pendant?

I began writing this blog post convinced that this was a seed that I had made into a pendant. In fact it was described to me by my customer as being a seed. But then I began to wonder if it was a nut, and what is the difference between a seed and a nut? I got distracted from writing the blog and started searching for the difference and I am still none the wiser. So rightly or wrongly I will describe this as being a seed (unless you can convince me otherwise!).

This seed was sent to me by a customer, along with a bird feather that I also made into a pendant. The seed and feather were both found at the Taj Mahal in India and are of significant sentimental value to the couple. They wanted me to create pendants from both items which will be given to their daughters.

Seed Pendant or Nut Pendant
Seed Pendant or Nut Pendant

It was initially suggested to me that they wanted the seed encased in resin but I think what I eventually made is a nicer solution. I coated the seed with many coats of resin (I lost count how many coats of resin I gave it) and connected a sterling silver peg bail to the top. It really is pretty and different and I am sure it will be cherished for a very long time.

If anybody can help me with the difference between a seed and a nut that would be appreciated!



  1. A nut is a seed but not all seeds are nuts!

    1. Thanks Lauren! So it was right for us to call this a seed since everything is really.



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