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Friday 31 May 2013

Horsehair paperweight – an alternative to jewellery

I have made quite a lot of horsehair jewellery for people in the past however this was my first custom order request for a paperweight containing horse hair. I am a little surprised that I haven’t made more of these since the paperweight is an ideal way to preserve the hair as an alternative to a piece of jewellery. In this case I made the paperweight for a gentleman who was going to give the paperweight to his wife as a memorial to their two horses.

Custom made paperweight containing horse hair
Custom made paperweight containing horse hair

I combined both sets of horsehair together to form a single tassel and encased it within a square shaped paperweight. These paperweights are great in that they can be stood up on the edge as a display piece, as well as laid down. As requested by the gentleman I also included a short message within the piece; this was achieved by printing the text onto transparency sheet and encasing this within the centre of the paperweight.

I think this paperweight took me about 2-3 weeks to make (yes I do like to take my time with them!), and it is a great feeling once they are finished and popped out of the mould. I seem to have a custom made paperweight in the production all the time now and the latest make is quite exciting; it contains an iced flower that was used as a cake topper on a wedding cake, I am looking forward to getting that finished and showing it off.


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  1. How lovely, I am sure your customer was thrilled with such a fabulous memorial piece.


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