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Wednesday 16 January 2013

How to preserve flowers

I really love making my paperweights at the moment for people and I am being asked to preserve some quite unusual items. Usually the items I am working with are larger than those used when making my jewellery so use different techniques. In the past I have had quite a few requests for preserving wedding flowers and flowers from other special occasions within my jewellery. Obviously these need to be small enough to fit within the designs that I have available which can often limit the flower types that I can use.

Here is an example of a pendant that I made containing a selection of small wedding flowers last year:

Real flower necklace - Necklace made with preserved wedding flowers
Real flower necklace

I still have a great deal of fun making jewellery containing flowers however the paperweights have now allowed me to preserve much larger flowers. The paperweights can be made in a few different shapes and sizes to accommodate most flower types and I can also incorporate other objects.

This paperweight was a custom order completed last week and is my first paperweight made to preserve whole wedding flowers.

Wedding flower paperweight - Paperweight made with preserved wedding flowers
Wedding flower paperweight

To be honest my wife doesn’t like being bought flowers. I think we both agree in that they don’t last very long and it isn’t very nice watching them die; she would much rather be bought a living plant. At least now we have the option on the rare occasion that she is bought flowers that I can always preserve one or two of them within a paperweight! With St Valentine’s Day just around the corner it could also be quite useful!



  1. What a lovely idea, I think it's so sad seeing cut flowers die and this is a much better way to appreciate them.

    1. Thank you Maria and I totally agree about watching the flowers die. My wife had artificial bouquets of flowers when we got married and the great thing is that they look just as good today :)

  2. I love the preserved roses. I had artifical flowers as my wedding bouquet too. No one ever buys me flowers anyway LOL.

    1. Thank you! Glad you also prefer the idea of having artificial flowers for the wedding bouquet; it is a much better way of having a keepsake for the wedding (other than having a flower preserved in a paperweight that is LOL)!


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