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Wednesday 5 December 2012

Pet bedding fabric pendant

I was asked recently by the owner of a rabbit themed magazine called ‘Bunny Mad Magazine’ if she could feature me and my work within an issue of the magazine due out in the spring. The editorial that I sent to her focused on the pet rabbit tributes that I can offer but also went into why I started my little business.

As a thank you for featuring my work in her magazine and in exchange for a copy of the magazine when it comes out, I offered to make her a pendant. Sadly she did not have any rabbit fur however she had a sample of fabric from one of her bunnies bedding that she had kept. The fabric is very special to her since she has many memories of my bunny Fern sleeping in her leopard bed!

She sent a sample of the leopard print fabric to me and this is the pendant I made for her, hung from a leather thong style necklace.

Pet bedding fabric pendant
Pet bedding fabric pendant

Lovely isn’t it! I am looking forward to the ‘Bunny Mad’ magazine coming out in April and sharing it with you. I have already forgotten what I wrote for her and hopefully it should be an interesting read!


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