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Saturday 26 November 2011

Shpangle Jewellery has gone International

This week has seen a few items of my handmade custom jewellery and paperweights making their way to their new home in Thailand. It got me thinking about all of the international countries that now have Shpangle Jewellery and how proud it makes me feel.

Anyone who makes jewellery and other handmade crafts knows that feeling when an item they have made goes to a good home. The feeling never goes away, knowing that an item we have made with our own hands is now being loved by somebody else. But whenever a piece of my jewellery makes its way to another country, the feeling is awesome! Yes, the internet has opened up the possibilities of selling worldwide to everyone, but people do tend to stay local whenever they can. So when a piece of my jewellery becomes owned by somebody on the other side of the world I feel it is a huge achievement.

Currently the different countries (and states) that have my jewellery are:

USA - Washington
USA - Colarado
USA - Florida
USA - Arizona
USA - Wisconsin
USA - California
USA - Georgia
USA - Ohio
USA - Minnesota
USA - New Jersey
USA - Virginia
USA - Massachusetts
USA - Tennessee
USA - Texas
Australia - New South Wales
Canada - Ontario
Northern Ireland

I found this great website called where you can create your own travel map. And this is what I go when I listed my international jewellery sales.

Jewellery Worldwide Sales
Jewellery Worldwide Sales

Shpangle Jewellery has currently visited 5% of the countries in the world! I would love to hear about your worldwide sales of handmade jewellery or crafts.



  1. Congrats on your global sales! I am pretty new to jewellery sales, but so far my pieces have gone to numerous locations in the UK, Brazil, and Illinois, USA! :D

  2. That is great Mick. Shpangle International has a good ring to it.

    Recently I have sold to the USA and to Italy, so got a way to go to catch up yet.


  3. Wow Karen, that is very impressive for somebody who is new to selling jewellery, but your items are lovely so I can see why they are successful!

    I think you will find that you will catch up and overtake me in no time at all Lynda, especially now that you are selling on move that you did!


  4. That's brilliant Mick, you have good reason to be proud! Glad to see your stayed with your resin work.


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