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Sunday 3 July 2011

How did you celebrate your 21st Birthday?

I came across several bags of 21st birthday confetti last week that was originally purchased for a custom 21st birthday jewellery order I had made a little while ago. Not being one for letting anything go to waste I thought I would make a few items of jewellery from them so made these pendants and keyrings.

I encased the 21st confetti within resin hearts, gave them a twinkle with glitter dust and confetti stars and the result are these lovely pendants and keyrings. Being 21 is all about sparkle and I hope these provide a lot of enjoyment for someone and a keepsake for a very special occasion.

21st birthday jewellery
21st birthday jewellery

Making this jewellery got me thinking about my own 21st birthday celebrations; and brought back many memories of my 21st birthday party. So here goes, this is how I celebrated my 21st birthday...

I hired a local club, mobile disco and invited lots of friends and family. My friend made the invitations and I spent a few weeks handing them out to whoever I knew. In fact I probably invited a few too many people; I had visited my regular night-club the weekend before the party and had handed out over 100 invitations to people within the night-club, most of which were complete strangers!

Worried that my invites may have got into the wrong hands I invited my Uncle to be a bouncer on the door. My Uncle was a chief inspector in the police force at the time and I watched in amusement as he interviewed the partygoers as they entered the club.

My 21st Birthday Party Invitation
My 21st Birthday Party Invitation

My 21st birthday party was held on the weekend before Christmas so I decided to dress as Santa. Not that it was a fancy dress party or anything, I just thought it would be a good idea to stand out, and stand out I certainly did! Mothers from a nearby bar brought in their young children to visit me during the night only to be met by a skinny 21 year-old dressed as Santa. Pint in hand, beard hanging off I mumbled incomprehensibly to the children. Several children were whisked away by their Mothers, covering their children’s eyes from what could have very easily spoilt their children’s expectations of what Santa Claus was all about.

The party went well until the end of the evening. Suddenly I was tackled to the ground and many pairs of hands reached out at me through the disco lit hall. One by one all my items of clothing were removed and I was left lying on the now empty hall floor...just my Mum, Dad and police inspector Uncle looking down at me. Yes my “friends” had given me a 21st birthday treat and took great delight in removing my clothes which were now making their way to the far edges of town.

We made our way outside in the vague hope that a few of my clothes may have been left behind. There I stood wearing nothing but my Mum’s coat when to top the evening, yes the police arrived. Luckily for me I had my chief inspector uncle at hand and he waved them on; thank you Uncle!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my 21st birthday memories and I would love to hear how you celebrated your 21st Birthday!



  1. LOL, no wondered you remembered yours so well. Nothing so rememberable for me, just a major night of clubbing in a new frock, dont remember very much of it though, must have been a good night.

    Love the 21st Jewellery, great idea.


  2. Sounds like a birthday that you will remember for a long time! I honestly can't remember mine. I know that I did nothing special though :( Great idea for using the confetti in resin. love it x


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