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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Confetti Wedding Keepsakes

I hope everyone in blog land is having a good start to 2011; I am really busy in the land of Shpangle with lots of custom orders keeping me busy and some exciting new ranges of jewellery being prepared. It has been quite an exciting start to the year for me so far, my custom jewellery has been accepted this week in a chain of outlets in and around Tamworth, but more about that in another blog post!

One of the last few custom jewellery items that I made in 2010 were these resin charms for a lady who’s sister is a fellow jewellery maker. She sent me some table confetti from her sister’s wedding, and she wanted me to make some charms containing the confetti for her sister to use. The wedding table confetti consisted of multi-coloured animals and I placed a single animal within a resin charm and finished with a twinkle of magic sparkle dust.

confetti wedding keepsakes
I thought these would make lovely keepsakes for the bride and groom but could also be handed out as wedding favours to guests. Giving the wedding guests a long lasting reminder of the wedding day and functional too! I love them because they look so happy and colourful and might have to make some for myself!

The same customer also wanted some horsehair jewellery made for her sister so I made this bracelet containing horse hair...

equine horse hair bracelet
...and also made this pendant again with horse hair encapsulated within resin.

equine horse hair necklace
If you would like to see other examples of my recent custom jewellery orders please have a browse around my website jewellery gallery.


  1. Wow I love the confetti, that is fabulous, what a charming idea.
    Glad to see you are keeping so busy and well done on the new outlets.


  2. The confetti idea is lovely and very unique! I love the idea of holding something special in resin as a keepsake. I had a small piece of my daughters's white blonde baby hair in an old family locket for years but the locket opened and I lost it, always regretted that. It would'nt happen in resin.