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Thursday 1 December 2022

Handmade Christmas Decorations Containing Pet Fur

This is likely to be my last blog post before Christmas and most likely the last post of 2022, so I thought that I would continue with the Christmas theme. Following on from a recent post I made about my custom-made Christmas snowflake decorations that I recently made, I have been contacted by several people since who have asked me if I could put cremated ashes and/or hair or fur from a loved one or pet within the hanging decorations.

I was contacted by a previous customer Sarah who wanted me to set the fur from her very much missed pet Hugo within a couple of resin snowflake decorations, and these are the decorations I made for her.

The first custom made hanging snowflake decoration that I made for her containing Hugo’s fur containing a small amount of glitter and is personalised with Hugo’s name.

Personalised Christmas decoration containing pet hair
Personalised pet hair Christmas decoration

And the second snowflake decoration I made for her contains the pet fur, glitter dust and a small amount of blue glitter.

Christmas decoration containing pet fur
Christmas decoration containing pet fur

After receiving her snowflake decorations containing Hugo’s fur, this is the lovely message that Sarah sent to me:

“Wow what can I say? Thank you so much for my stunning Xmas decorations! I absolutely love them. They’re beautiful (and I love the pretty packaging too, what a lovely touch.)

I am honestly thrilled with how they’ve turned out, they will be the highlight of my Xmas tree every year from now on. They are truly gorgeous. I’m so grateful to you for the lovely things you’ve created for me with Hugo’s fur, keepsakes that I will treasure forever and look at with great love and affection.

I am sure we will be doing business again soon and wish you all the very, very best.


I was thrilled to hear that my Christmas decorations containing Hugo’s fur will be on display, hanging from her Christmas tree every year.

Take care and I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year.


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